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uppityundergrad's Journal

The Community for Undergrads with Attitude!
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Issues of interest to serious undergraduate students. Oh, ya, and some occasional snark.
This community was begun as a joke, but I'm slowly trying to reshape it into a place for serious undergrads who are hoping to some day become professional academics. It seems there are many of that type who hang out in academics_anon, and while it is nice that the big kids let us play with them sometimes, we really do need our own space.

Who can join? This community has open membership, however, discussions should focus on issues of concern to students who are currently enrolled at least half time in an accredited community college, four year college or university. TA's, grad students, and professors are welcome, but please remember this may at times feel a bit like hanging out in the student lounge. Depending on the kind of day you've had, that may be refreshing.
We are all about the "AAAARRGGH!" that comprises so much of undergrad life.

While snark may sometimes come with the territory, outright flaming or asinine behavior will not be tolerated. What constitutes flaming and asinine behavior? Anything that the moderator deems it to be, so play nice please.

Particularly egregious offenses will be dealt with harshly. Lesser offenses will be given one or two warnings, depending on the kind of day the moderator has had.

Anyone who acts like an ass over in academics_anon will be looked at askance here. If you're this big of an ass consider yourself uninvited to this community. However, if you post something in A_A that is full of plain old undergrad ignorance, you're probably the sort of person that'll fit right in here - as long as you learn from your mistakes.

Requests for a look over of a paper, or requests of specific editing help are OK. A simple link to your private LJ should be sufficient would work. If you decide to post your paper directly to this community you will use an LJ cut and use an f-locked post. Once the editing is done I strongly suggest papers be deleted. While you may think your paper is not good enough to steal, there are plenty of folks on the internet who will not share that view. Some even profit from selling papers, and they're not too picky about where they get them.

Any paper post that does not use a the cut or the f-lock will be deleted as soon as the moderator has a spare moment.

Additionally, last minute requests for review of papers during finals week are not likely to be read.

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